Complete In Christ Singles Ministry

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Brenda McGinnis
(Complete In Christ) Singles Ministry
“Complete In Christ” (CIC) is a unique ministry for unmarried adults founded at the Christian Gathering Church in Valley View, Texas in February of  2012.  We have a group of likeminded adults who meet the first Saturday of each month for support, learning, food and fellowship!  It’s our desire to see lives, hearts, and mindsets of unmarried adults changed to know that being “single” is more than a marriage status.  Being complete in Christ is knowing that we are in him and he is in us.  He has completed the work of our salvation and now he wants us to learn to love who we are in him, being free from any damage done through our past relationships, looking forward to all he has in store.  Being single should not be a negative connotation but a positive experience and movement towards being “Complete In Christ”.



A word from Pastors Garry and Pam Wiebe…


This is NOT another “singles group”. We teach that if you can ever catch God’s definition difference on being “single” and being “alone”, it will change your life forever. I love this thought because I find that many married people still feel alone.  No matter how great being married can be, no other person can “complete us”. Only “in Christ” can we be complete.  Only from a place of wholeness can we can foster healthy relationships.  We hope that you will encourage any unmarried adults you know to join with us in the adventure of searching God’s Word in order to discover His blueprint for ALL relationships (plus, there will be great fun and fellowship)!