Pam’s Perspective – Christian Model

NONE OF THESE GIVE THE COMPLETE ANSWER. They left off the Christian model!! Jesus told us to take care of the poor and needy… And He showed us how!! It takes each one being willing to get their own hands involved. It is it about us gathering up big herds and not giving a flip about those with no cows at all. Neither is it about creating some machine to milk everyone’s cows and us patting ourselves on the back that we are doing our part by putting a little fuel in the machine. And just Re-distributing the milk, does not solve the problem of having neglected, sick or lazy cows. It only keeps them alive enough to bring up another generation of the same…

How do we fix the problem? Through sincere love and personal sacrifice. Love will change our world…

Jesus taught that when I see the need of an individual, I am to do what I’m able to meet the immediate need (share my milk). But continuing to hand out milk is not the solution. If I really care, I must explore the root cause of why they have no cow of their own. Do they need a starter cow? Do they need to be taught how to do the milking? Do they need me to loan them my bull to get their own herd started so they can pass on the blessing like I am? Do they have cows but just need to learn how to be a better steward of them? Do they need to get free from an addiction or lifestyle that brings them to kill and eat every cow they get?

YOUNG FOLKS, don’t fall for the lie. America was not built upon government social welfare, it was built on neighbors helping neighbors. It was communities coming together to serve one another. It was folks getting to know their neighbors and making sacrifices to help them when needed. There’s little room for scam when you’re personally involved in the story. And online questionnaire just can’t do it justice.

One of our life mottos has been: “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The Wiebe/Perry family has personally given out a lot of fish, but also have invested the time, money and labor to give many fishing lessons. Before you cast your vote concerning fixing social issues, ask yourself “what have I done”. Am I just passing the buck while I go on my merry way? The buck can only be passed around so many times before it brings the whole system crashing down.

Christians, don’t allow yourself to feel all smug, just because you gave your donation to the church or some charity. When you cast your vote, don’t ignore moral issues and justify it by saying- “if the economy is good right now, I’ll have more to give the poor”. Yes, we need a strong economy and giving money serves a necessary part, but Jesus modeled the sacrifice of trusting the Father while giving hands-on service. What are YOU doing? Charity is more than a organization, it’s a way of life!

As foster parents we learned “We may not be able to help ALL the children, but I can help THIS one!! – Not just giving them a handout, but a home. It’s personal investment that changes generational poverty and dysfunction.

The Apostle Peter told a lame beggar, “I don’t have any money to give you but I can give you the healing it takes for you to go make your own money!” Not only would the man no longer be lame, but he and his family would no longer have to depend on handouts! God can do miracles if we knew people well enough to pray for them!

I know you may think this is a pipe-dream but the truth is, we didn’t get here overnight and it won’t be fixed overnight by ANY political party! The only path out of this mess is shown by the light of God’s Word. Listening to politicians promise to fix all our problems with more government freebies is the true pipe-dream. It sounds like the piped piper has been smoking a crack pipe!

I admit that I get ANGRY when I hear someone talking about caring for the less fortunate when they have done NOTHING themselves to help. Most politicians don’t know squat about the work it takes to turn a life around! They are good at raising $ and getting votes but they stink at real life. They want my taxes to do the work so they don’t have to get their own hands dirty. It’s a fantasy feel-good to walk past the poor in your neighborhood (or in your church or family) and then vote for someone to raise taxes to fund another inapt, impersonal, abused, government program to do what you won’t. What a hypocrite!

(Ok, ok… I know… But the Bible says I can get angry as long as I don’t go crazy and hurt someone- or just refrain from committing some other sin).

So I will do my best to make my world a better place. On Election Day, I will cast my votes based upon #1 on moral issues, #2. the physical safety of me and my loved ones, #3. the financial security of my grandchildren.

So, now that I’ve bared my soul, I promise to respect your differences of opinion and hope you will do the same for me? We have democrats, republicans and probably heathens in our church and we all love one another! Have a blessed day while I go to the dentist.